We tracked down Kylie Ehrich who wrote an inspiring letter to The Press last week expressing delight at seeing the trams running on the complete city loop.

She called in on us earlier this week, when we took some photographs on tram No. 178 and presented her with a complimentary Annual Pass for unlimited rides on the trams and Christchurch Gondola.

Kylie told us about her fantastic office view overlooking Victoria Square.

“I knew the trams were coming back to their original loop. But to look out and actually see them was a sentimental moment. It was so special to hear their distinctive sounds.”

Kylie says “love” brought her to Christchurch 11 years ago. She grew up in Queensland and thought Christchurch was wonderful while here on holiday. She was determined to return.

Kylie was in the city on that horrible February day in 2011. As with all of us she was devastated by what was lost. Anything that returns therefore becomes that much more precious.

Kylie was delighted to have an Annual Pass, but says her husband was even more excited when he heard.

“He’s a real nerd when it comes to train spotting, Ferrymead and all that.”

Kylie and her husband enjoy walking on the Port Hills, so they intend to use the pass to ride the Christchurch Gondola.

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