I was heartened to see two good stories in today’s The Press giving the thumbs up for visitor satisfaction in our city.  Some are giving Christchurch 9 out of 10 for their experience, typically over three or four days. Highlights include the International Antarctic Centre, the Re-Start shipping container mall and, pleasingly, our Welcome Aboard Christchurch attractions; Punting on the Avon and the Caterpillar Botanic Gardens tour.  It appears visitors have a curiosity about our recent seismic events.  And this should increase as the Red Zone fences are increasingly removed to allow more walking access to central Christchurch.

Another story confirms our flamboyant mayor Bob Parker is scoring well with his quirky promotions in Australia.  In response one businesswoman has vowed to send shiploads of Aussies to Christchurch.  Christchurch still has a lot not greatly changed by seismic events.  Combing those with sights of earthquake damage and rebuilding swinging into full gear, Christchurch promises an abundance of highlights for visitors.  The future is looking better and will reward those, including the Welcome Aboard team, who have bravely kept chins up and stayed afloat as rubble shockingly amassed over the previous two years.  We just need to re-start the trams.