What a great time we are all having again in our beautiful New Regent street.

 Over the weekend the Street was so very busy with many familiar faces of returning local visitors.

 Tourists from everywhere and the bus depot travellers as well all contributed to a very successful weekend. Everyone just loved the Trams being back !!

 Tom’s fitness event also did well on Saturday bringing extra people in.

 The hustle and the bustle was wonderful to be amongst, and many stores saw more people than usual inside their lovely shops buying up goodies – just like older times.

 It shows us all how valuable our trams are to increasing tourists attractions here in Christchurch, and how fortunate we are to have this wonderful attraction in our Street.

 I found taking a ride through to the Square proved very successful being able to greet those who were visiting and to promote our area here in New Regent Street. I just loved it all.

 Thank you so much Tram Drivers and your Directors etc for making it all happen!!


Very kind regards

Betty Hazeldine


New Regent street