Three of our tramcars that were in use on February 22 when the devastating earthquake hit the central city were remarkably unscathed and were subsequently stored outdoors at Ferrymead Heritage Park. Two trams, one being the Restaurant tram, remain stranded in the Tramway Lane tram shed.

Relatively safe from earthquakes, the Ferrymead-stored trams have been at the mercy of the weather including two severe winter snow storms. Soon they will be under cover, installed in Ferrymead’s new Tram Barn 3.

Christchurch City Council generously put up a bulk of the funding, supplemented by an energetic funding drive by the Ferrymead Tramway Historical Society.

I visited the new tram barn during its later stages of construction. Once our city trams are installed they will be cleaned up in preparation of the city tram loop reopening, hopefully during the second half of 2012.Image