Many Welcome Aboard people will remember a key staffer Annelies Vranken, responsible for functions and all manner of added value programmes.  She was also great with her computer skills.  Her position was taken over by the outgoing and very capable Sharon Sharpe (ne McKey) when Annelies departed to support her fiancé’s Ph.D. studies.  They spent time in Annelies’s native Belgium before venturing to Nigeria and have been living in Melbourne where Paul found university employment.  They visited Christchurch recently where Paul presented his thesis to the University of Canterbury.  He is now a Doctor in Ecology (majoring in Primatology).  His doctorate was about chimpanzee ecology in Ngel Nyaki, Nigeria.  While in Christchurch Annelies took a Gondola ride for a coffee with Tramway Operations Manager, John Smith, in Red Rock Café.  It was good to see her smiles once more and hear about her travels.  Her only regret is that Paul didn’t land a position in Christchurch.  She says she would rather live in New Zealand.

Annelies visit (1024x678)