Sandcastles took on a new meaning recently as punters were vied to the best sand creations on New Brighton beach.  Just amazing as depicted in David Hallett’s eye-catching front page photo in the Press.  Then, the International Buskers’ Festival opened in Hagley Park.  With a pocket full of small change I took a stroll through the events enjoying a superb summer afternoon and the picnic atmosphere.  I was intrigued by the quirky signage providing direction to facilities.  Asaf ‘N Roll, from Israel, offered a precarious nail-biting act on the Comedy Club stage.  Less stressful but absolutely charming was the silver Angel Statue alias Ukraine-born Nataliya Oryshehuk.  She was billed as the ‘Weeping Angel’ – weeping for the Canterbury earthquakes. I n reality she was radiant, bringing spontaneous smiles to faces of all passing by.  Also a statue, albeit humoursly more animated, was the Gold Man, alias David Deville.  I recall when he was a regular Arts Centre busker at Tram Stop 4.  Trams would often linger at that stop longer than necessary.  It is encouraging to see such events ensuring an ongoing lively Christchurch.  And tourism is slowly gaining momentum. B ookings on our Welcome Aboard half-day Grand Tour are encouraging, so if you are planning a few day’s in our city give us a call.ImageImageImage