Thursday November 14, 2013

Spanking No. 11 ventures into New Regent Street for the first time in almost three years – or 1000 days as our MD Michael Esposito says. The occasion is recording an item for that evening’s  TV-3 Campbell Live. Motorman Ken Henderson is already on first- name terms with camerman JB and  television reporter, John Selwood. They had previously recorded an item in the Ferrymead Tram barn relating to preparing the trams for their return to city streets.

JB captures some remarkable images, some with a small Procam mounted on the tram. The opening sequence of No. 11 departing Cathedral Junction is memorable. Then  Michael Esposito is wired up for an interview as No.11 rolls between the recently refurbished Spanish Mission facades.

Michael, on camera, points to an empty street and struggling businesses. Before long the tram is drawing people from the woodwork till quite a crowd assembles.

Delighted shop owners express their enthusiasm for the return of the trams.

Other views, taken at the Ferrymead tram barn, feature tram restorer, Graeme Richardson, tram driver Carl Eijkman and engineer Steve Lea. All speak well ensuring an excellent image for our company. Heritage trams have that rare knack of drawing the best from those working with them.

My pick is the description Ken gives to the reporter when asked about driving  the trams. So good it is, the item concludes with Selwood telling  Ken, “I think you are a Tramway poet.’’

 I can assure you that moniker will deservedly stick.

If you missed the item, view it on TV3 website.