It’s an annual free-to-attend Summertimes event generously supported by the Christchurch City Council.  And true to form, five punts carried cheerful Welcome Aboard staff from the Antigua Boat Sheds to the Anthony Harper open-air theatre stage on the daffodil lawn of Hagley Park.  We were there, with hundreds of others, intent on enjoying ourselves.  We munched on our picnic evening meal and drank wine while laughing as the Outwits performed their Complete History of Christchurch (abridged).

The performance covered the founding of Christchurch through to the recent devastating earthquakes and their aftermath.  Predictably many prominent historic and contemporary figures were brilliantly, albeit irreverently, portrayed. My pick was the mimicking of Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee. I concluded he was the clown, not the accused mayor, Bob Parker.Image