No-one would forget Christchurch trammie Owen.  Always the outrageous funny man, he was also friendly, often jumping off a tram to help tourists looking vaguely lost.  Owen’s assistance would send them in the right direction – vaguely.

What happened to him?

Owen put a hand up to help out on the Auckland Dockline Tram when it became a Welcome Aboard Attraction prior to opening in August 2011.  Having long experience on the Christchurch Tramway, he was a welcome addition to the mostly newly-trained Auckland Tram team operating two former Melbourne trams, decked out in former Auckland Tramway livery.  Owen had to learn a new route – vaguely – all 1.5km of it around the Wynyard Quarter waterfront development.  I have caught up with him on two occasions in Auckland.  He still rides his ancient, smelly, motorbike to work and, always the archetypal entertainer, his humorous patter has merely transplanted a few hundred ks north.  But will he become an honorary Aucklander?  I have my doubts.  He remains the dinkum one-eyed Cantabrian.  I believe he is presently taking a break, sunning himself, along with wife, Kay, in Queensland.Image