It is great to hear our wonderful Canterbury Museum partially reopened this week.  Almost one thousand visitors called at the museum on Monday.  It had been closed for several weeks pending engineering reports.  The attractive 1870s Mountfort-designed museum is the sole Christchurch neo-gothic structure to emerge mostly unscathed from the Canterbury seismic events.  This is largely owing to earthquake strengthening during the 1990s.  Some areas remain closed as assessment work continues.  But the popular old Christchurch street is open along with the Mountfort Gallery, Maori Gallery and the fascinating Canterbury Earthquake exhibition.  A visit is high on my agenda.  As a wide-eyed guy growing up in Christchurch, I loved Sunday visits to the museum.  My brother and I went with our father.  Our mother, a gifted dress maker, wanted the house to herself occasionally.  They were wonderful Sunday afternoons, even if they ended tidying up our mother’s dressmaking mess.  I hated picking up the sharp pins.  In recent years I have visited many overseas museums.  Some, of special interest, have been magnificent.  But on world standards, our Canterbury museum stacks up very well indeed. I haven’t been back yet, but if you spot me, don’t get in my way.