The full Christchurch Tram city loop re-opened on Tuesday November 11. The beginning of Canterbury’s famed Cup and Show week, it was indeed a delight to watch the historic trams continue beyond the end of Worcester Boulevard, turning right into Rolleston Avenue and passing Canterbury Museum. Trams then turned into Armagh Street, passing Cranmer Square and crossing the Armagh Street bridge to pause at Victoria Square.

Tram - Cranmer Square

Christchurch Tram #15 passes by Cranmer Square on the re-opened city loop.

Three trams were on the track for the city loop re-opening day. Patronage was good despite it being Cup Day, and tram riders were in a festive mood. Our tram drivers (motormen) put their best foot forward, delivering enthusiastic commentaries. The auspicious event was not lost on one happy observer who penned the following letter to The Press. It appeared the next morning and became ‘Letter of the Week’, reprinted two days later in Friday’s The Press:

“I had “a moment” today – a lovely one actually.  I looked out of my office window near Victoria Square and to my delight I saw the tram trundling past.  I had to terminate my phone conversation and go outside and watch it roll towards New Regent St. On occasion, I weigh up what I feel our community has lost and what it has gained because of the earthquakes. In sombre moments, I wonder whether, in my lifetime, I will ever see us regaining even a fraction of what we have lost. It takes a lovely moment like seeing our trams returning to old territory to restore the faith that, while we have lost so much, we haven’t lost everything. I gave the tram driver the most enthusiastic thumbs-up I could muster and he gave me the biggest smile.

Christchurch I still love you. KYLIE EHRICH, Middleton.” 

Kylie completely summed up the day and we think she speaks for many Cantabrians and our increasing numbers of welcomed visitors.