Our intrepid Bev Obst has done it again.  Last Saturday she brought 20 or so City trammies and partners or friends together for an annual get-together at Ferrymead Heritage Park.  We are all looking much the same as last year despite our age clocking another digit.  Under Bev’s watchful eye all were exceedingly well behaved.  This year Colin Loach refrained from collapsing his picnic table upsetting the precarious balance of Mrs Loach.


Riding on the trams, all tickets were clipped correctly as far as I could see.  Some had a crack at driving old Christchurch No 1, displaying amazing confidence.  Bev’s hubby, Bud, gave us an interesting tour of the Ferrymead Print Shop with its ancient machines, Heidelberg and others, requiring printers to laboriously assemble lead type in those so-called good old days before computerised keyboards made it all so simple.  When I was on the Press newspaper my keyboard typed the story and also did the typesetting.  Along with the ancient clanking machinery, we saw old newspapers with stories forgotten by many and a mystery to younger generations, and amazing once familiar advertising posters.  Well familiar to us oldies anyway.  It was a surprise to some of us to discover Bev’s Bud was a printer during the 1950s.  He and his mates spend many hours of their spare time cleaning and polishing old printing presses with amazing passion.  Just like old trammies someone wisely pointed out.


Later in the Tram Barn we were able to spot the Birney No. 15, almost ready to roll in preparation for the city tramway re-start, dear old Boxcar No.11 stripped down for a repaint, and the Brill No. 178 awaiting a pre re-start spruce up.


Bev collected a grand sum of $96 which was split between the tills of the amazing Print Shop and Ferrymead Heritage Park.  Many of our group were looking forward to the City Tramway rolling again around mid-2013.  In the meantime our Welcome Aboard Port Hills Gondola attraction is poised to open by April.

Bouquets to Bev for her efforts in keeping us trammies in touch and enthused.