She was one of the hosts, selling tickets and offering advice in Cathedral Square.  She could rip off tickets and punch them at amazing speed.  An interesting Trammie, having an appearance relating to her Pakistani heritage but with an English accent, she was there in all weathers.  Kabita grew up in Britain, living in Bath prior to emigrating to Christchurch with hubby, David, and family.  What is she up to?  That’s a question she was asked when applying for a part time job at Halswell Primary School.  She replied, “Come and see for yourself.”

Kabita and family have a 20-ha lifestyle block near Motukarara.  They graze sheep, sell cut grass to local farmers, bale hay and are exploring the prospect of providing paddocks for urban horse owners.  But Kabita is also, unashamedly, a model railway devotee.  She belongs to two model railway clubs, and is industriously constructing an outdoor G-scale railway.  The track bed is mostly complete with some ambitious scenery made from polystyrene and concrete.  It’s very much a miniature Colorado – New Zealand in the making.  Track laying is the next big task.  Much of the track is stored in a spare bedroom, along with three locomotives undoubtedly impatient to be let loose to highball the rails.  The railway promises to become an attractive garden landscape.  She works three hours after Halswell school finishes and has applied for a community job in Lincoln.  Being bored or idle are not part of her post Trammie lifestyle.  She does have time though to chat over a cuppa whenever I call.Image