Few sights are more pleasing than the Horse-drawn Tram plodding down Christchurch’s City Mall, adding cheer to the coming festive season. I particularly love the Clydesdales Lofty, Duchy and Jack. They are great subjects for my camera.

The nineteenth-century Doubledecker Tram is on loan from the Tramway Historical Society (THS). THS members will be working the tram.

The horses are owned by Hugh Ensor of North Canterbury.  I enjoy watching Hugh handle his gentle giants. He speaks quietly, but firmly, and they do exactly what he asks. And getting attention from all and sundry does not go to their heads Hugh told me. “They are used to being the centre of attention.”

I saw it all last December when the Horse Tram ran to celebrate the re-opening of the City Mall; the first completed section of the Christchurch tramway extension. It was a magnificent spectacle. Arriving early one morning and watching Hugh prepare his steeds was something else. With all the washing, grooming, and decorating the preparation looked to be hard work – a very long day for Hugh who needs to be up at dawn to round up his Clydesdales and load them on to his truck for the journey to the city.

So head on down to the City Mall and meet Hugh’s Clydesdales and get a few images on the digital. For just a $2 coin take a ride on the tram!

The Horse Tram will be running from 10.30 am to 3.30pm until Thursday.  See you there…..