Yesterday, Sunday, I cycled across the city to Casebrook to chat to an ailing mate. It was cold but mercifully dry.  The sun provided a decidedly low heat.  Much better though than previous days which was much like cycling too close to a fire hose.   My route, although close to the CBD, kept earthquake visions out of sight and out of mind.  One of my favourite landmarks, Antigua Boat Sheds, was a hive of activity.  Hire boats and punts were on the river and people were setting off for a spin on hire bicycles.  I passed the Botanic Gardens spotting several people out and about, and Canterbury Museum (sadly closed for on-going building inspections) and headed across Hagley Park.  Victoria Lake was once more full of water and the Christchurch Model Yacht Club had returned the previous day.  I passed countless cyclists, including kids with parents, walkers and runners.  They typically appeared to be enjoying themselves.  My ride continued on the railway cycleway, an excellent facility.  Again, there were plenty of smiles as I passed strangers.  I got to thinking I do not especially miss the CBD.  Sad as it is, what has gone is gone.  I admit to enjoying the funky Re-start Mall and look forward to the Cardboard Cathedral.  It is not difficult to find somewhere close to home for a coffee with friends.  I do look forward to a return of the heritage trams and await the rebuilding of my house.  In the meantime Christchurch still has much to enjoy.  Visitors need to be encouraged to pay us a call.  They will not regret it.  And I am continually encouraged by the on-going enthusiasm of our Welcome Aboard management and staff in their tourism re-start efforts.  Punting, Botanic Gardens tours and an abbreviated Grand Tour are all a brave confidence in Christchurch.