An almost gala event by a dedicated team of Tramway Historical Society members marked the last day of 2011 when the first city trams, the Boon No. 152 and Duckhouse trailer No. 115, along with the Brill No. 178 were installed in the newly-completed Tram Barn 3 at Ferrymead Heritage Park. A rattling 4.8 earthquake during final preparations hardly had members look up from shovels, crowbars, track grinders, wheelbarrows and other tools. Funded by a generous donation from the Christchurch City Council and stirling efforts by THS members, the pleasing result has enabled the city trams to be stored under cover and prepared for their eventual return to the city tramway. The trams suffered little direct damage from the February 22, 2011, earthquake which closed the City Loop but they show signs of deterioration from a harsh winter (including two snow storms) outdoors. We can look forward to seeing the heritage trams returned to their former resplendent condition – all part of Christchurch’s recovery. At day’s end one track was yet to be installed. When that is completed the former Melbourne No. 244, still outdoors in Ferrymead village, will be relocated to the covered storage. Two remaining city trams and one trailer remain trapped in city’s Tramway Lane depot.