Caterpillar Garden Tours is now included in the Welcome Aboard Christchurch repertoire.  Remember the former Toast Rack that toured the Christchurch Botanic Gardens?  It broke some years ago and went into recess.  Welcome Aboard, about three years ago, suggested it be reinstated but when authorities acted on the idea, the operation of the new Caterpillar Tour was awarded to another consortium that recently wanted out.  Welcome Aboard has signed a long term contract to operate the Botanic Garden Tours.  It’s a great move with the venture sitting snugly with the company’s best Christchurch attractions.  It will be very much business as usual with a few creative tweaks.  The Garden Tour will have ties with the nearby Punting at the Antigua Boat Sheds.  It is included in the half-day Grand Tour.  And the garden tour will be a great add-on to the City Tramway when it is reinstated in the foreseeable future.  The green, silent, electric-powered, wriggling, Caterpillar vehicles are cute and do uncannily look like their epithet.  The tour is not just for elderly people not wishing to walk around the expansive Christchurch Botanic Gardens.  Active people, too, will enjoy the experience, seeing one of the world’s finest Botanic Gardens from a fresh perspective while discovering new info from informative Caterpillar Tour Guides.  Which species of trees are best for making bows and arrows?  Can corks be made from trees?  What were the enlightened innovations of a succession of curators?  Find out about New Zealand’s only World Peace Bell.  This is a great time of the year to get on down to the Botanic Gardens and take a spin on the Caterpillar.  Pick a clear day, pack the camera, and enjoy the best of the stunning autumn colours.  That’s what I am going to do.  Might spot you there…Image