Something going wrong in a tourist venture is a worry for any operator.   The recent balloon crash at Carterton in the Wairarapa, claiming 11 lives, was a terrible tragedy felt throughout New Zealand.  As Christchurch people, experiencing ongoing quakes reminding us of the February 2011 seismic event that cost 182 lives, we are especially sympathetic to all involved with the Carterton tragedy.  All at Welcome Aboard extend a heartfelt condolence to the rural town of Carterton, relatives of the victims, the police and other emergency services involved  along with the tourist company operating the balloon flights.

The fact is something going wrong on this scale is indeed a rare event in New Zealand, the world capital of adventure tourism according to my Lonely Planet guide.  This reflects the efforts of tour operators to ensure what we do is a safe and rewarding experience for locals and visitors to New Zealand.