Backpackers transport Magic Bus has announced a return to Christchurch I heard on last evening’s television news.  The return has been prompted by customer demands to experience Christchurch, an earthquake-struck city.  Let’s hope Magic Bus also targets the great things we still have, unaffected by seismic events, in Christchurch.  They will need to team up with Welcome Aboard to offer their customers great Christchurch experiences, punting in particular.  Thrillseekers Adventures near Hanmer Springs will also be highly suitable for Magic Bus patrons.

I have a soft spot for Magic Bus, having enjoyed a wonderful West Coast experience with them some years ago.  The, mostly, young people were typically high achievers either having recently graduated from university or started in above average employment.  One or two were working in tourism; undoubtedly, they were tourists who would return to New Zealand, perhaps with spouses and children.

My Magic bus experience was at a time when the backpacker value, in terms of visitor spending, was beginning to be recognised by tourism gurus.  Backpackers save expenses with their accommodation (although they still demand a good bed) leaving funds to be spent on attractions.

Red Bus is also getting in on earthquake tourism.  It all bodes well with the pending return of the city trams.  Seems the tramway re-start will coincide with an increase in visitor numbers.  How we go about re-starting heritage tram tours to provide a great experience is going to be an exciting prospect.