An earlier blog talked about the retirement of Trevor Craib. Despite being the oldest of 20 Christchurch tram drivers, his departure did not alter the average age of the team. It remained at 63.

Now, the youngest tram driver, Julia Wareham, has left in the last few weeks to take up employment with a construction company involved in Christchurch’s earthquake repairs. Julia’s departure rose the average age to 64.

Most of the Tram Drivers are typically semi-retired and therefore make excellent “trammies” because they join us having achieved career heights and are now looking for a new challenge. We have a retired economics professor, a journalist, banking manager, farmer and a headmaster, to mention a few.

Within Welcome Aboard you will also find similar semi-retired people confidently punting on the Avon, operating the Port Hills Gondola and driving the Grand Tour buses. Bringing an abundance of experience and life skills with them, these valued members of staff help to solidify Welcome Aboard’s position as one of Christchurch & Canterbury’s leading tourism operators.